Our Wood

Our standard timber is locally sourced, reclaimed pine handpicked here on the south coast. Reclaimed timber is beautiful, and there are many reasons why we fall in love with it! We love its many rustic characteristics that make it perfectly imperfect!

We try to ensure that each piece of furniture we make encapsulates the many characteristics of reclaimed wood that we will explore below. Whilst at the same time, making sure that the structural integrity of the piece is not affected too.

Knots, indentations and hammer marks from its previous life as well as natural grain detail all help tell a story and ensure that each piece is unique and full of character.  No two pieces will be the same. Reclaimed wood isn’t for everyone, so please make sure you are happy with the above features before shopping our reclaimed range.

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If you are after a completely flat surface, reclaimed wood may not be for you, so take a look at our character grade timber range. Our character grade timber is made from solid redwood pine. Although not reclaimed, this still features lots of detail as well as providing a more solid timber for furniture. We have desks and dining tables using this timber.

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