Why choose reclaimed wood and what to expect

It’s not just us who love reclaimed wood. Sourcing natural materials without impacting the landscape has evolved from a growing trend to a way of life. More and more people are wanting to shop more consciously and fill their homes with high-grade furniture that not only looks stylish and inspirational but has sustainable roots. This is our mission at The Dancing Woodman. It’s very rewarding to know that we are repurposing something that is used for a permanent piece in someone’s home whilst helping the environment too.

Using reclaimed timber makes a real difference to a home. It comes with a sense of history and individuality, which is visible in the natural markings, indentations and original nail holes the wood bears. What’s more, the very nature of reclaimed wood means that no two pieces are the same, so your reclaimed wood furniture is truly unique, with its own character and sense of style passed on from its previous life.

Apart from its unique individuality, one of the benefits of using reclaimed timber is that it prevents unnecessary waste from entering landfills, therefore reducing the release of gasses. The Global Trees Campaign estimates that less than 10% of wood waste is reused, with approximately 3,000 tonnes of what could be recycled timber sent to landfills or burned every working day in Britain. We ensure we give back by donating monthly to the World Land Trust ; https://www.worldlandtrust.org

Using reclaimed timber not only reduces the amount we waste, but it also creates less demand on cutting down our trees. As we know, trees are essential in reducing carbon emissions, as well as being a vital source of food and protection for communities around the world. What’s more, our timber is locally sourced so this reduces emissions/gases during its journey to us.

As mentioned above, our reclaimed timber will have all the characteristics from its previous life. This can include marks, nail/screw holes, cuts, indentations as well as unique grain detailing, knot holes and more. This makes each item unique and can look great! We take great care with each piece to ensure that it is sanded down smooth whilst being visually appealing. Some examples of what we mean can be seen below, on our listing pictures in the shop and  on our social pages on Instagram/Facebook and Threads @thedancingwoodman