Spotlight on our new timber- Redwood

I have decided to start incorporating new timbers into our pieces. Our key lines are now updated using kiln dried redwood planks. These still have that same great rustic look and feel, yet they are more solid and durable too.

We’ve also included some new product updates with more choices available when you order your desk or table. We will also be starting to use more raw live edge materials too.

I have used reclaimed scaffold boards from the very start and whilst I still love working with them, I just wanted to use something more solid, hard wearing and that’s easier to work with. The availability of scaffold boards has also become challenging for a while. Redwood is perfect for furniture.

We will still be using reclaimed scaffold boards for some of our pieces as well as bespoke items and requests. All existing orders in these lines will of course still be used with reclaimed scaffold boards.

As a compromise for using less of these I will be donating each month to The National Trust ( to plant more trees.