Our Names

You may have wondered why our furniture has peculiar names. I can explain… I have named our furniture from meaningful things/ places / hobbies that are simply purposeful to my life.

So this could be local areas of where I live/lived, schools, names of players of my beloved Southampton FC, favourite films, England cricket players as well as family names, even my own middle name and pets names. Random I know!

I just wanted something that was very relatable to me, but yet still have catchy memorable names.

Here’s a rundown of some;

  • VICTORIA Corner Desk- My mums middle name
  • MAY Serving board- My Sisters middle name
  • JAMES bath caddy- My middle name
  • DENMEAD Dining table and bench- the name of the road my Nan and Grandad used to live when I was a little boy!
  • KINGSTON– Thick bath caddy- An area where I used to work for a couple of years in my retail manager days!
  • ANDERSON Shelves- England fast bowler and my hero, James Anderson!
  • MATTHEW Coffee table- Matthew Le Tissier, Southampton FC legend
  • MARY Bookcase- St Marys stadium, home of Southampton FC (2nd home pre lockdown)
  • NORTHAM Coffee Table- The end of the ground at St Marys you’ll find me, also an area in Southampton.
  • GLENFIELD bath caddy- My first school.
  • VANGUARD Dining table and Bench- Name of the road that I grew up in.
  • BITTERNE Dining table and Bench- Area of Southampton that I grew up in.
  • ALFIE Round table- One of my favourite films!
  • WILLIAM Side table- This is the name of my Grandad and Dads middle name.
  • SAMPLES– Well that’s just a block of samples, obviously.