Our Door Range

Our rustic reclaimed door range offers styles to suit many homes. Each door is handmade to order by our team, made from our locally sourced reclaimed timber. Whether it’s a modern statement, farmhouse or barn style you are after, our range should suit your needs. Here is a summary of the range we do and the theme that they suit.

If there is a specific style that you are after that we dont currently do, feel free to contact us at hello@thedancingwoodman.com We are always looking for new projects to take on!


This is our most popular style and suits most themes in homes. The Lytham rustic sliding door provides a modern statement but can also suit a farmhouse look too. The body of the door features horizontal slats framed by timber around the edges to accentuate a striking look in any home. Provided with black industrial style handles to give it that modern edge. This door will standout in any room.

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The Bishopstoke door is our take on the classic barn door in a sliding door format. A simple rustic style with 3 thick beams going across the horizontal planks. Finished with a simple yet elegant round black handle which helps give it its barn style theme. This door is the perfect style if you are after a classic rural/rustic look.

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Just like the Bishopstoke style, this rustic sliding door features horizontal planks but features a top and bottom vertical border capping the door, very similar to the ‘breadboard’ end on our Bitterne table. Our Archer door features a handmade wooden handle on the front side, giving it a true farmhouse look in any home.

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