Meet The Team

A venture that started out as a one man dream has quickly grown into a 6 man team! Get some inside info’ and meet the faces behind the furniture…

Aaron – Owner, Customer Service, Maker
Aaron is who you will sometimes speak to when you have an order or a question. He is the
original Dancing Woodman, although he cannot dance. Well.
Favourite band to (try) and dance to: The 1975
Favourite Dancing Woodman piece: the ‘Darcy’ bench

Alex – Maker, workshop chief.
Ability to produce woodwork magic, in addition to making the place erupt in fits of
laughter with the things that come out of his mouth. Likes sugary treats and heavy metal
hour on a Friday afternoon.
Favourite band: American Head Charger
Favourite Dancing Woodman piece: the ‘Ruxton’ tray

Holly – Assistant
Whether it’s packaging products, staining wood, keeping the workshop clean & tidy, running
errands or helping out in the office – Holly’s your girl. Bringing positive vibes to the
workshop, she is our resident cheer meister.
Favourite band: Faithless
Favourite Dancing Woodman piece: the ‘Alfie’ round table

Lynn – Customer Service, Dispatch
Ensuring your furniture and homewares get from A to B; Lynn is our logistical expert. Can be
found liaising with couriers, replying to your messages and sending updates alongside
Aaron. Provides the workshop regularly with delicious home made cake.
Favourite band: Maroon 5
Favourite Dancing Woodman piece: the ‘Dell’ bench

Les – our extra pair of hands
In extra busy periods, or when we’re a Dancing Woodman down – Les is on hand to help out.
Our star tea maker and ‘Dad joke’ teller his presence keeps
Favourite band: The Beatles
Favourite Dancing Woodman piece: the ‘Darcy’ bench

Darcey – our Dancing Wood-dog

Our workshop pooch is a mischievous and loving rescue Staffie. Always available for
cuddles or mischief. Loves to snooze the day away, chew on stray bits of wood & do lunch
time zoomies.